After Venice

Video installation, 2001

3min 30sec, loop, DVD

Video still

View of installation, Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden, 2001

The piece, made together with the artist Dorota Lukianska, investigates a process as a collaborative team.

The title of the video installation relates to Venice as a starting point but also as an illusory place, where the visible is only the memory of what once happened. In the installation a couple is seen dancing in a mirrored room. The movements are quadruplicated through the reflected images. As fragments of reality, what is seen is not always the couple but a reflection of them. Exposed to the mirrors, they are placed inside and outside the projection, creating a complex game of images between them, the camera and the mirrored wall.

The piece addresses communication, as a mutual agreement between two individuals, adjusting to and recognizing each others steps, as a synchrony of two willpowers and driving forces.