Hi, this page has some instructions on how to edit pages.

Image text_______________________

Bildtext showing the procedure.

Press Shift+Return to make a new line after the image. Select the text you want to make into an image text. Click the drop-down box in the menu. Select “Heading 6”. The text will look a lot smaller in the editor, but will show in grade 11 on the site.

Adding PT page_________________________________

To add a new translation, go to Pages > All Pages. In the image below you see that all pages has either a “+”, a check mark or a pencil-symbol in the below the portuguese flag. If it has a plus, you can click it to add a translation. You can click the pencil to edit the already existing one.

Hit the +.

Which will take you to a new page, where the corresponding English page is already entered in the Languages-menu.

Enter the title and content in portuguese and press Publish. Now you’ll need to add it to the menu. Select Appearance > Menus.

And you will end up here.

Select “PT WORKS” or “PT PROJECTS” depending on which menu the new page should be in. If you don’t see them, press the small arrows in the top-right of this image until the proper menu slides into view. Select the newly translated page (or pages) from the “Pages” box at the bottom of the view, and click “Add to Menu”. The page will appear to the right and you can move it in to desired position. Don’t forget to click “Save Menu”.

View page to see changes.

Remove images / Manage media_______________________

If you’ve uploaded media (images, pdf’s, …) that you don’t use anymore, you can delete them at Media > Library. Just click “Remove permanently” once you have made sure it is not being used anywhere.

Inserting link_______________________

A new link to external page can be inserted by marking the words you’d like to make a link of. Click the “link” icon and a message box will appear where you enter the url/address. Select the checkbox if you’d like the link to open in a new tab/window. Click the “broken link” icon to remove a link. Color the link as you would color other text on the site.

To insert a link to pdf (or other media), click “upload/insert”, upload the media and insert into page making sure the insert is a link. Second option is to go to Media > Library, look for the media you want to link to and copy the address to that media shown in the gray box. Go back to the page you want to insert the link into and click the “link” icon, pasting the address of the media into the “url” text field. Insert the link as you would had it been an external link.