Kidnapping Images

Vídeo installation, 2001

60min, loop, DVD

The family, video still

The ball, video still

View of installation, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, 2001

“Before I left Brazil, I found a box full of Super 8 movies made during the 70´s in my mother’s house. The films were made by and belonged to my sister who died 20 years ago. After her death, all the Super 8 equipment disappeared and the films were silenced.” *
During the process of this project, a new one-hour film was created from reorganizing and editing selected fragments from 40 hours of the original Super 8 material. Later, this new film is screened for the family in Brazil and a hidden camera captures the event.
The resultant video installation consists of two silent projections placed facing each other. One projection shows the family watching the film. The other shows a short loop of the sister dancing with her father at a debutante ball in the 70´s.
The work speaks of the relationship between public and private space, the family as an institution and the way it wishes to be seen by – and how it relates to – society.

*Laercio Redondo