Memory from Brasilia

Solo exhibition

Galeria Silvia Cintra + Box 4, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012

Restauro - wall painting with charcoal, 2012
General view of the video Reparo, 2012

Reparo, video projected on plexiglass box, 2012

The union of art, life and architecture is analyzed within the process of creating panels and tiles by Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão (1918-2008). Bulcão’s work is distinguished by a method whereby construction workers actively participated in the process of aesthetic and technical assembly of the murals.This is the starting point for the project that examines aspects of modernism in the construction of Brasília in the late 1950s. Bulcao’s works are poetic insertions in the construction of Brasília. It is this relationship between artist and worker, city and landscape that builds the common thread linking all the research that resulted in a series of silkscreens on plywood, two videos and a wall painting.

“Lembrança de Brasília” contextualizes these aspects of Bulcão’s historical work in relation to the city today. It reflects upon an important artist in the recent history of Brazil and discusses modernist architecture and its utopias as a means of transforming Brazilian society.