Listen to me

Video installation, 2001 – 2005

Loop, DVD
7 monitors with headphones

View of installation, Modos de Usar, Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Brazil, 2003

This project started in Stockholm in 2001, where 19 individuals were asked to choose their favorite tune – a piece that epitomized the soundtrack of their life. The persons are filmed individually, with their eyes closed, while they listen to their chosen track.

In the silent space of the gallery, the work is presented as a video installation where seven monitors show the faces of the participants. The viewer is invited to use the headphones connected to each one of the monitors. Through this interaction that occurs between the viewer and the person on the screen, the music becomes a link and a possible investigation of identities.

As a work in progress, an additional film was made in every city the work was exhibited. The work continuously growed as more people were filmed and included into the project.

The project has taken place in Stockholm, Sweden (2001), Rio de Janeiro (2002), Curitiba (2003), São Paulo, Brazil (2003), Göppingen, Germany (2005) and Matanzas, Cuba (2005) and comprises around 200 filmed participants.