Radio Nacional

Video installation, 2007
1 hour, loop , DVD

Video still

This video was made in collaboration with the dancer Dixan Guarrido and was shot in Havana, Cuba in February, 2007. The piece lasted about an hour, during which time the dancer performed towards the camera, improvising to cuban radio stations that were continuously changed. The performance in real time, as a result of the chance factor of the radio, was the starting point for this piece.

In a conventional manifestation of dance, the performer repeatedly tries to establish control over his acts. Through this continuous attempt, he discovers an understanding of his own body and his own space, but also to the barriers and limitations of the body. But in this video piece, it is not the conventional aspects of dance that matters, but rather the attempt to create a dialogue between the two disciplines of dance and art, and create a specific context where improvisation is far more important than virtuosity.

Whilst editing the video, the image is duplicated through the use of two separate layers. One layer is delayed in time, creating a phantom image of the dancer. A diffused and dual body joins the “real” dancer during short instances, corresponding in moments to the rest of the dancers ́ body. The video investigates the importance of meetings and of delays – a collaboration that aims to create a dialogue about time.

This work has a direct relation to the project Para mirar al sur – After Untitled / Perfect Lovers, both developed during the same period.