Photographic prints & postcards, 2003

42cm X 30cm (series of seven images)

This work was conceived as a public art piece for a psychiatric ward at a hospital in Uppsala, Sweden. It investigates the remoteness of society from the hospital as an “invisible” space concerned with the procedures of diagnosing sickness and cure.
The developed project consisted of a series of 7 photographic prints, to be installed in the waiting areas of the ward. Furthermore, the same sequence of images was to be distributed as a set of postcards throughout the city and collected by the public.
The small bottles were found in a shop selling religious requisites in Brazil. They supposedly serve as remedy for, or protection against, the emotions or sentiments described on the labels.

This project has not been presented as originally intended in the context of the ward, but took place on two different occasions in 2005 in Havana, Cuba and in Curitiba, Brazil with photos displayed in the exhibition space and an action distributing approximately 2000 postcards throughout the cities of Havana and Curitiba.)