Residence Botkyrka

Apartment in Fittja, Sweden 2011

Invited by Botkyrka Konsthall to participate in their artists’ residency program Residence Botkyrka, a project more suitable for artistic work and public events was developed for the residency’s apartment itself in collaboration with interior architect Birger Lipinski.

This collaboration at the intersection of art, design & architecture resulted in a new interior design, an open space where the specific function of each room might somehow help to provide a satisfactory, mobile and changeable base for the invited artists and cultural workers passing through Residence Botkyrka and the neighborhood of Fittja.

Furthermore, in order to better promote conditions for a conversation and exchange between the resident artist and the local neighborhood, a space for meetings, seminars and smaller gatherings was added to the apartment. A possible meeting point between the private and the institutional, which could encourage an alternative dialogue within the local environment.