Stranger / Estrangeiro

Video installation, 2003

3min, loop, DVD
Projection on plexiglass,1000 flip-books

View of the installation, Nomades, Centre Culturel les Chiroux, Liège, Belgium, 2004

This video was created after observing the seasonal migration of geese from Sweden every autumn.
The projection presents the birds’ in their triangle formation, flying across the screen and disappearing into the sky. Signifying the simultaneous visibility and invisibility of the moment of relocation.
In the exhibition space, next to the projection, two piles of small flip-books are placed for visitors to take. On one side of the book is the word stranger, in the language of wherever the work is being exhibited, and on the opposite side is the word in Portuguese, estrangeiro. By flipping through the book, the words move across the pages. The book, as a souvenir, suggests a possible link, preserving the experience of the visit.