United Net-Works / Mobile archive

Stockholm, Sweden, 2003

In collaboration with designer Birger Lipinski, a mobile artists’ archive was developed for United Net-Works, functioning as an information platform for the organization.
United Net-Works is a project initiated in 2001 by Sofie Sweger, in collaboration with Lena Malm & Marianne Hultman, investigating networking and social action as strategies for visibility, collaboration and exchange between artists and art professionals.

Focusing on the creation of temporary spaces and transformation, flexibility and low-tech approach, the main concept of the artists’ archive is based on simple, clear forms made from plywood, resembling archetypal museum transportation boxes.

The forms are easy to assemble and flexible in use. They can be used to create a lounge or smaller meeting spaces within an open space for visitors to view videos, slide shows, seminars or artists’ portfolios. The archive can then easily be disassembled and sent onto the next venue.

United Net-Works mobile archive was first presented at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, and has been touring around Sweden and Europe ever since. A smaller portable unit, almost like a travel trunk, was later developed to enable one-person transportation by each representative of the network.