Reading space for children

Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, 2008

The project for a public reading space, commissioned by Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden, was developed in collaboration with designer Birger Lipinski. The commission required a permanent space located in the museum’s public area where children and the general public could sit down and browse a collection of art books.

The structure is similar to a pavilion, where sliding wall sections using opaque multi-colored acrylic plates serve as space dividers and bookshelves. Inside this space, a low two-level-structure with loose cushions provide seating for the visitors. A mirrored wall expands the sense of space of the room.

This project was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice in Wonderland”, playing with the perception of the interior and exterior, of transparency, volume and light, of color and depth. Focusing on the architectural aspects, the project attempts to create an open space where people can meet, and be players on a small stage where the play is the interaction of visitors within the space.